Electric Vehicle Charging Point Finance

Offer businesses a more affordable way to go green

Leasing. The key to a sustainable future.

With the need recognised and a deadline now in stone, there’s only one way to accelerate the installation of EV Charging points for business. And that, is leasing.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to preserve their cash-reserves. By only offering an upfront charge on the equipment and technology you sell will be seriously effecting your close rate, and your profitability.

80% of businesses favour leasing in the current climate

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Offering one, simple monthly payment

Your entire electric vehicle charging solution can be broken down into simple, affordable monthly payments – even installation costs can be financed.

Winning more business

In today’s economy, businesses are turning to finance as a way of preserving their capital. To not have a finance option is as good as limiting your close rate by up to 80%.

Boosting their cash-flow

Generate all of your term-based revenue on day one. We’ll even pay your invoice same-day, no more waiting for or chasing customers for payment.

We make it easy to offer leasing

Unlearn traditional banking methods. At Lease Group, we making things fast and painless.

  • Generate branded quotes instantly
  • Submit and receive credit decisions in seconds
  • You'll be backed by a Dedicated Account Manager and our Support Team
  • Simple process from quoting through to pay-out

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